Founded by San Francisco small businesses to advocate for a better future

We believe our city can allow our diverse small business community to thrive— and we are committed to fighting for policies that forward these goals. We serve as a resource for small business owners and workers as they seek to economically prosper in the city that we love. 

Small businesses are for affordable housing and against cuts to corporate taxes, against extreme new policing and surveillance policies, and against funding drug tests instead of supportive services.

Learn more and support our March 2024 endorsements:

YES to Affordable housing so more people can live near their small business in San Francisco.

Yes on A website

NO to Cutting taxes for the ultra-wealthy corporations who should be the ones investing the most to make our city a better place to live.

A recent Real Estate Transfer Tax Exemption and Office Space Allocation: Economic Impact Report recently released from the City's Office of the Controller and Office of Economic Impact says conclusively that “Conversion of office space to housing does not appear to be financially feasible at the moment, and the proposed incentive is likely too small to close the feasibility gap.” and that “The proposed incentive is likely to lead to a negative economic impact."

The Transfer Tax passed in 2022 already exempted developers who planned to build affordable. Prop C just offers that same tax break for market rate housing. 

No on C website

NO to Extreme changes to police procedures and use of surveillance tech that will make the city a more dangerous place to be policed.

As small businesses, we want real, substantive policies that get to the root of the issues behind crime and theft, which are symptoms of larger structural and economic inequalities that exist in our city. These issues are not going to be solved by an unbridled police force, nor by sweeping surveillance tech that recklessly intrudes into the privacy of ordinary San Franciscans. 

No on E website

NO to Funding drug screening instead of supportive services, to creating economic desperation.

No on F website

Realizing small business funding opportunities

Increased & streamlined access to city resources, grants, and programs to help nascent & legacy small businesses thrive. Investment in all San Franciscans, including access to capital & opportunities to start new businesses.

We support legislation and city programs that foster the small business community. 

We seek to inform small business owners & workers of funding opportunities that even the playing field with the huge corporations with tax breaks.

We support a public banking option to fund the small businesses that are excluded from corporate financial institutions. We seek to create resources to protect our city’s small businesses from crisis and shutting down.

Commercial rent controls

Protection from eviction and predatory landlords and more equitable storefront & office leasing through commercial rent controls 

We seek to educate and provide resources for legal assistance on lease and rent negotiations to protect small businesses from eviction.

We support standardizing commercial lease terms to make commercial leasing more manageable by the business community.

We support legislation and funding that makes commercial renting and owning more accessible for small businesses.

Fair taxation on businesses

Progressive taxation that relieves the disproportionate burden on small business owners by ensuring San Francisco’s wealthiest corporations are paying their fair share.

We support fair fees and taxes relative to the business’s ability to pay— recognizing that businesses starting out need fee waivers and established businesses can handle reasonable charges that increase as the business profits increase.

We support programs that improve the economic health of the community through taxation, and think the businesses benefitting the most from the current conditions should be the ones investing the most to make our city a better place to live— leaving behind a legacy that allows others to economically prosper as well.

Affordable housing

Prioritizing increasing affordable housing to allow small business owners & workers to live in San Francisco

We acknowledge that the cost-of-living crisis impacts small business owners and workers the most, driving away humble establishments and displacing their workers.

We support affordable housing development that allows workers and owners to live in the same city as their small business— we reject that more unbridled profiteering development will achieve more affordability.

We support initiatives that realize financing for affordable housing and initiatives that combat housing being treated only as speculative stock market shares.

Right to unionize and workplace protections

Right to unionize and workplace protections for workers in San Francisco 

We respect worker’s rights to organize and engage with one another to seek better working conditions under the protection of the National Labor Relations Board.

We acknowledge that a more equitable workplace environment creates healthier outcomes for owners, workers, and the city.

We support bargaining in good faith about wages, hours, vacation time, insurance, safety practices and other mandatory subjects.

Community safety that works

Promotion of alternative forms of community safety that shifts the burden from incarceration and policing to proven community-driven strategies. 

We endorse community safety measures to prevent business theft and disturbance and we endorse enabling restoration after theft and other business disturbances. 

We acknowledge that property crime and theft are symptoms of larger structural issues and reject reactionary use of police, which has not prevented property crime and whose budget steals from services that actually keep the community healthy and crime-free. 

We support a non-carceral response that restores the business and protects the dignity of workers, youths, and those surviving poverty and addiction.

We support the use of community ambassadors, mental health teams, and safe consumption sites for maintaining healthy public conditions. 

We reject the use of sweeps — sweeps are extremely violent, robbing people suffering from poverty of the little possessions they have and, crucially, don't get to the root of the problem. Police sweeps simply move folks to another block, pushing the problem in front of more and more of our small businesses.